Rig Refurbishment Project

Project Features

Company NameRig Refurbishment Project
  • Replacement & recertification of Cement Line.
  • Replacement of Bottom plate and Main deck steel.
  • Helideck netting & paint ,repairs replacement of Drain Pipe & support.
  • Load test of BOP trolley beam, cranes & life boat davits.
  • Removal of Cement from drains, removal of breathing system & increase flow line capacity.
  • Painting of Drive Deck, Side shell & Bottom.
  • Replacement of Trip Tank.
  • Cementing Unit Platform Extension.
  • Cantilever Steel replacement & Repair works.
  • Portside crane scaffold works & Hire of crane.
  • Accommodation refurbishment including Steel work, Carpentry, Piping, Plumbing , HVAC, Flooring, Architectural works, & Painting.
  • Helideck refurbishment including Steel work, blasting and painting, load testing of Net
  • Full Repair work of Stand Pipe Manifold including repair, welding, reinstallation , PWHT, MPI and X Rays!
  • Flare Boom Refurbishment and Pressure Testing
  • Hull Steel Replacement including Steel Replacement in tanks, Steel replacement in Rotary pan (at Drill Floor) , Steel replacement in Sea Chest.
  • Surface Preparation and Painting – Side Shell, Bottom, Main Deck, Accommodation Exterior, Leg Well Life boat davit platforms, Burner Boom platforms, Wind walls.
  • Design, Procurement, Fabrication and Installation New 250 BBLS Cap. Mud Mixing Tank including Electrical Installation for all new equipment.
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